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Britannia Season 2

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– Britannia S02E01
With General Aulus Plautius Romanising Celt tribes, the only hope for the Druids and resisting Celts is Cait, a young girl prophesied to save Britannia from the invaders.

– Britannia S02E02Phelan, son of King Pellenor, lives in the north as a farmer by the name Rolf and is expecting a child with Bridget. When he visits a market in the neighbouring town, he makes a terrible discovery.

– Britannia S02E03Veran gives Ania a terrible choice. Harka brings Phelan under his spell and the next stage of Cait and Divis’s prophecy begins.

– Britannia S02E04Following their narrow escape, Cait and Divis travel to a new safe haven. Elsewhere, Hella presents Aulus with an offer that she knows he won’t be able to resist.

– Britannia S02E05Divis has a strange dream that causes tension between himself and Cait; At Isca, Amena is reunited with her sister, Queen Andra.

– Britannia S02E06Philo and Brutus, deserters from the Roman Army, decide to play a prank on their old colleagues. Later, Harka sends a gruesome message to Veran.

– Britannia S02E07
A traumatized Vitus returns to the castrum with a grim message for Aulus; Lucius recognizes the mysterious traveler as Josephus, a legionary he served with in Jerusalem.

– Britannia S02E08Aulus returns to the castrum where he is confronted by Domitius, Love starts to arouse Divis’ suspicions, and Lucius comes face-to-face with his dark past.

– Britannia S02E09
Divis realizes that Love was sent by Harka, and is heartbroken that he has failed the prophecy; meanwhile, Phelan wanders through the forest hoping to atone for his actions.

– Britannia S02E10
Druid brothers Veran and Harka finally face each other in a challenge where only one of them can survive; Quane reassures Phelan that his journey has only just begun.